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Travel Diary: Boden

I've spent the weekend in northern Sweden, in a small town called Boden.
My mom grew up in Boden so most of my relatives on her side of the family still lives there, and I try to visit at least ones a year. I was there Thursday to Sunday and thought about doing a travel diary like the ones I did in Helsinki and Amsterdam but realized that most days looked pretty similar with either laying on my grandmother's couch dressed in long johns watching the Olympics or eating food in different relative's houses, haha.
Other than hanging with my relatives, the main reason for my visit to Boden this time was that my cousin's son turned one year old and had a birthday party!
I haven't seen him since August and he has grown so much! Gosh, he couldn't even crawl back then, and now he's running around! My cousin asked me if I could do a smash the cake photo shoot with him when I was there, and of course, my answer was yes. I've never done one before, but it was so much fun!

Travel Diary: Amsterdam Day 3

We started our third (and last) day in Amsterdam with packing all of our stuff and checking out of the hotel.
We left our bags (which apparently were four this time, weird since we only had two when we got there, haha) in the hotel's storage area and headed out to take the tram into the city. We lived next to the station Sloterdijk and even though we saw the big bike parking every day, it still amazed me every time. All big cities should have bikes instead of cars.
We took the tram to Dam Square and ate breakfast at Metropolitain. I have realised that I more and more choose hotels without breakfast when I travel so I have the opportunity to try out different breakfast-places every day. I mean, who doesn't love breakfast?
After breakfast we hit some stores, I needed a pair of sunglasses since it was so sunny that day and we also had to buy a souvenir since we (= me and my boyfriend) have a souvenir from every country we have visited together.
We also had a look at the famous Bloemenmarkt which is the only floating flower market in the world. Such a pretty (and colourful!) place but I think they have gone tired of people going there for pretty Instagram-pictures because there were signs everywhere saying that you were not allowed to take pictures, haha.
Then we spent our last hours in Amsterdam in Vondelpark, just sucking in all of the warmth from the sun and embracing the spring feelings before flying back to Sweden which is still covered in a thick layer of snow.
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Travel Diary: Amsterdam Day 2

I am home in Stockholm again, but I have still two days left from Amsterdam to write about.
We started our second day in Amsterdam with breakfast at Coffee & Coconuts (which has the coolest interior ever!) and honestly had my best breakfast experience ever. I would probably hang here every day if I lived in Amsterdam, haha!
After breakfast, we pretty much just walked around and enjoyed the beautiful city. I have a thing for cute houses and always end up with a bunch of pictures of doors, windows and walls when I travel and this trip was not an exception to that.
Somewhere along the way we also ate some pancakes at The Pancake Bakery but we ended up sharing a table with three very nice Englishmen and I did not want to act like the freak that I am and take photos of everything I eat, haha! After lunch, we watched some ice skaters outside Rijksmuseum and I wondered why people want to take pictures with an overcrowded sign.
My favourite way of exploring new places is by getting lost in it, and somewhere along the way, we ended up on a street with a market that sold everything imaginable. I've tried to retrace our steps on Google Maps and think the market street was Albert Cuyp Market.
And then I saw it, a woman carrying a Primark-bag! I actually had no idea that there was a Primark in Amsterdam and got super excited and had to go there straight away - end ended up spending an hour in the seven-storey store buying mostly Harry Potter-related stuff. Forever a Potterhead.
Before our feets gave up we took a quick visit to the central station (where apparently 250 000 people travel through daily, and it seemed that all of those 250 000 people were there the same time as us) and also found a Fjällräven-store where I hoped to find a pair of hiking tights that have been sold out in Sweden since September, without any luck.
We took the tram back to our hotel to rest our feets for a bit before we went back to the city to eat dinner at Thrill Grill.
I actually brought my tripod to dinner because I wanted to take some night photos of all the lights reflected in the canals, but it was SO COLD outside so I didn't even take a single photo before I gave up and jumped on the tram back to the hotel again, where we spent the evening streaming Melodifestivalen. 
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