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Travel Diary: Oslo day 3

Our third day in Oslo was also our last.
Since we had such troubles finding a good breakfast restaurant the two days prior, we decided to just go downstairs to the local grocery store and buy some bread and yoghurt to eat in our apartment. After breakfast, we packed our bags and left the key to head out and enjoy our last couple of hours in Oslo.
I wanted to start the day with visiting the Opera House again since I had taken a reflection shot of myself that didn't turn out the way I wanted it to since there were too many tourists and construction work in the background (see the photo in this post) and wanted to take a new one. It appeared to be even harder this time since the sun came from a different angle so I had to give up my cool photo idea and take some other photos instead, haha.
We spent quite some time at the Opera House and sat down and watched the water for a while. There is an interesting sculpture in the water next to the Opera House called "Hun Ligger" (Translated to "She Lies") with is made of glass and changes all the time depending on the sun.
We had lunch at a pizza buffé next to the Central Station before getting on the train that was taking us back to Stockholm. Unfortunately this train, just like the one to Oslo, was also delayed and we think the air condition was broken in our carriage since felt like a sauna compared to the other carriages. Lovely, haha.
Well, we did get money back as a compensation for the delayed trains, I made it home in time to watch the final of Eurovision Song Contest and I can pat myself on the shoulder since I made a more environmentally friendly choice by taking the train instead of flying so I think it all worked out in the end.
Always stay positive!
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Sara Ekman
2018-05-19 / 08:48:18
URL: http://aamaziing.se/

Så fina bilder! :)

Svar: Svar: Tusen tack! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

Matilda Berlin
2018-05-19 / 10:53:08
URL: http://matildaberlin.se

Verkligen SÅÅÅÅ himla fina bilder hjärtat <3

Svar: Svar: Åh, tack så hemskt mycket! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

Ama de casa
2018-05-19 / 10:53:48
URL: http://amacasa.wordpress.com

Vilka härliga bilder :-)

Svar: Svar: Tusen tack! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

★ Orsakullan som blev mamma vid 20, numera även lärare och doula ★
2018-05-19 / 14:19:55
URL: http://www.saramadeleine.se

Så fint det ser ut :)

Svar: Svar: Det var det också! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

Linnea Kinis
2018-05-19 / 16:19:48
URL: http://linneakinis.blogg.se/

mums vad gott det lät med pizza! låter som en trevlig resa :)

Svar: Svar: Det var det! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

My Nordqvist
2018-05-19 / 17:30:44
URL: http://mynordqvist.se/

Såååå vackert!!!

Svar: Svar: Ja, verkligen! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

2018-05-19 / 18:20:04
URL: http://nouw.com/shawtygetloose

så vackert, oslo vill jag besöka en dag :D

Svar: Svar: Håller tummarna för att du kommer dit en dag! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

Miss Jennifer
2018-05-19 / 20:35:09
URL: http://missjennifer.se

Underbara bilder :D

Svar: Svar: Tusen tack! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

2018-05-20 / 10:14:40
URL: http://nouw.com/fitnessinspiration

åh så fina bilder! har aldrig varit i norge men vill dit :D

Svar: Svar: Tusen tack! Hoppas verkligen du kommer till Norge en dag, så himla fint land! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

2018-05-20 / 10:34:36
URL: http://nouw.com/rockdoll

så fina bilder! det är så fint i norge :)

Svar: Svar: Tusen tack, det är det verkligen :)
Wanderlust by Jona

Emma Engström
2018-05-20 / 14:56:57
URL: http://nouw.com/emmaengstroms

Så himla fantastiskt! Vill så gärna tillbaka till Norge :D

Svar: Svar: Åh, håller tummanra för att du får möjlighet att göra det! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

Iselin Renée
2018-05-20 / 14:58:36
URL: http://www.iselinrenee.blogg.no

Så fine bilder fra turen din til Oslo :)

Svar: Svar: Tusen tack! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

Johanna Utterberg
2018-05-20 / 19:02:11
URL: http://johannautterberg.se

Underbara bilder :)

Svar: Svar: Tack så mycket! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

2018-05-20 / 20:41:50
URL: http://lallizzlife.blogg.se

Synd att ni hade sådan otur med tågen, men det ser verkligen underbart ut! ^^

Svar: SvaR: Haha ja, så himla segt ju! Dock en riktigt bra resa om man bortser från det :)
Wanderlust by Jona

Ida Lindborg ♡
2018-05-21 / 12:05:10
URL: http://photobylove.se/

Åh så fint!

Svar: Svar: Verkligen! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

2018-05-21 / 15:45:25
URL: http://tesssjoberg.blogg.se

Så sjukt vackert måste jag säga! :D

Svar: Svar: Ja, verkligen! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

2018-05-22 / 10:29:03
URL: http://mammansprinsessor.blogg.se/

Det är såå vackert i Norge:) kram

Svar: Svar: Håller verkligen med :)
Wanderlust by Jona

2018-05-22 / 13:05:28
URL: http://linnearu.se/

såå fina bilder!:)

Svar: Svar: Tusen tack! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

Julia HW
2018-05-22 / 20:34:39
URL: http://juliahellgreen.se/

Måste ju åkte dit!!

Svar: Svar: Håller tummarna för att du kommer dit en dag! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

Ida - foto & häst
2018-05-23 / 04:49:58
URL: http://idanilssonphoto.se/

Riktigt fina bilder Amanda!! :)

Svar: Svar: Tusen tack! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

Pauline Hurtig
2018-05-24 / 18:23:43
URL: http://lillafrokenhurtig.blogg.se/

så himla härliga bilder!!!

Svar: Svar: Tusen tack! :)
Wanderlust by Jona

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