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Travel Throwback Thursday: Kos & Bodrum 2002

I have just landed on Crete, and what fits better than a Travel Throwback Thursday on the last time I was in Greece?
In 2002 my family and my cousins family traveled together to the Greek island Kos. I was about 6 years old at the time so let's say that my memories from this trip aren't many but I do remember all the decorations we got in the drinks at the bar by the hotel pool - mostly because I brought all of them back home and saved for a couple of years, haha. Other than hanging by the pool I remember that we took a boat to Bodrum in Turkey one day, rented bikes and cycled around the island and explored some ancient ruins.
I just love to do these really old travel throwbacks since it gives me a reason to look in all our old photo albums and laugh at funny photos. I mean can we just point out that my fashion sense back then was flawless, just look at that pink shirt with rats on it, haha! So while you have a look at this week's Travel Throwback Thursday, I'll be busy exploring Greece for the first time with a somehow adult consciousness and eat halloumi and tzatziki until I explode!
See ya!
Lazy days by the pool
Left: Got my hair braided in Bodrum Right: Me and my brother that for some reason pose with a policeman with a gun. Mum, dad - what the fuck?
Apparently a really fun dinner with hats?
Western Archaeological Zone (according to Google, anyway)
 Me and my cousin just having some drinks by the pool and look pissed about it, haha!

Travel Diary: Sunne

I'll take a break from my Gotland-updates to write about this weekend which I spent in Sunne.
Sunne is a small town in Värmland with around 5 000 citizens and is probably most famous for the writer Selma Lagerlöf who lived there and won a Nobel price in literature 1909. The town is located next to the lake Fryken so you pretty much always see water.
I honestly didn't get a great feeling about Sunne, but I might not be the best person to ask anyway since all my focus was on competing in the Swedish championship in a sport called varpa and not to explore the town. I was there for four days and only took like 30 photos which are extremely low in my standards, haha. Anyway, here is my travel diary from my time in Sunne!
I had a fever the day we drove to Sunne from Stockholm, but I somehow managed to survive the car ride and got to Sunne in the afternoon of July 19 were we checked in at Hotell Frykenstrand before heading out in the central parts of Sunne to find some dinner. We looked at Google Maps and choose the best-rated restaurant in the area which honestly looked quite shabby at first, but the food was surprisingly good! We got back to the hotel quite late but I still had time to find out that they had a hot chocolate machine in the reception of the hotel which became my sore throats best friend during the weekend, haha.
This was the first day of the Swedish championships which offered an individual discipline which I had chosen not to enter because I only wanted to compete in the team discipline. A really good decision in retrospect since I wasn't feeling well from my cold that day and instead spent my morning in the hotel's breakfast buffet eating pretty much everything for four hours. I'm doing a university course in tourism this summer so I also had time to write on an essay instead of following the others to the site of the competition so I was quite pleased.
My mum managed to qualify for the final so I got picked up after lunch anyway to go out and cheer for her - AND SHE WON! We wanted to celebrate by going to a nice restaurant in Sunne but ended up at an even more shabby one than the night before were either food or service where any good so we headed back to the hotel and spent the evening at their terrace with a view over the lake instead.
This was my first day of the competition, and I did not take a single photo until the evening! I still wasn't feeling well so let's just say that I was happy to have a Swedish champion in my team (aka my mom) that could take the biggest burden, haha. We managed to qualify from the group stage to the final the next day and we celebrated by going to a party at Selma Spa which the Swedish Varpa Federation was hosting. 
Final day. I had the worst cough imaginable but at least I felt healthier than the days prior so I could contribute a lot more to the team - and actually took the final point that made us win the gold medal and the title as Swedish champions! Such a weird feeling though to be able to call yourself best in Sweden at something, haha.

Travel Diary: Gotland day 3

Our third day on Gotland was just as hot as the day prior which only had one solution: Beach day!
We usually keep away from the beach in Tofta since it's the most famous one on Gotland and is often crammed with people, but I had found a place called Surflogiet on Instagram which is located on Tofta beach and really wanted to go there - and so we did. We got there around 10 am and to our surprise, had the whole beach almost to ourselves. 
Surflogiet is a combined hotel/activity center/café that I really need to write a separate post about (I have so many more photos!) but let's just say that you easily can occupy yourself with activities all day without getting bored! Their café opens at 11:30 am so by then it had started to drop in some more people, but not the masses that we had expected. Surflogiet is located far down south on the beach so my guess is that the masses haven't found it yet and stay closer to Tofta Beach Club further north.
We spent all day at the beach and ate halloumi burgers and sweet potato fries for lunch at the café.
In the afternoon we drove into Visby to have some dinner (I had another halloumi burger, haha!) and pick up my boyfriend at the airport since he came to Gotland later than us due to work. We also had ice cream at Galssmagasinet in Visby which has over 260 different flavors of ice cream and is a must when you're in Visby!
On our way back from Visby to the apartment, we drove past a paddock with a lot of sheep that had the most magical light ever so I obviously had to stop and take some photos. I bumped into a woman that was somehow connected to the sheep and she told me a lot of stories about them. Apparently, the owner to the sheep was a Swedish champion in sheep shearing and I was more impressed by the fact that there are actually people competing in cutting wool than the fact that he had won, haha!
Me and my boyfriend celebrated six years together this day and as an anniversary gift, I wanted to take some new photos of us. Right before sunset we took the camera and tripod to the ocean and photographed until the sun was gone and the mosquitos came out and tried to eat us.
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