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Places I Want to Visit: Poland

Post sponsored by EnjoyPolen

The definition of the word Wanderlust is "a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world".
I'm honestly filled with wanderlust every single day when I daydream about places I would like to visit in this world, and as most Europeans right now, I have my eyes set on Poland. It has really become a trend to visit Poland in the last couple of years, and I think it only makes sense since it's in the heart of Europe, have so much interesting history, and is really cheap compared to other European countries.
I'm proud to say that this post is sponsored by EnjoyPolen, which is a company that offers tours for both groups and individuals in some of Poland's most historic and beautiful places. They are all for service and can also fix everything with transportation to and from the airport, and book restaurants and hotels that fit you and your needs. I know that a lot of my Swedish followers from my old lifestyle blog have followed me to this blog, so I also have to mention that all of their tours are offered in Swedish! Everything just becomes easier when you can speak your native language, I have to agree on that.
Here are three tours I would love to do with EnjoyPolen:

Photography from EnjoyPolen
City tour in Kraków
Kraków is the second biggest city in Poland with a history stretching back to medieval times. A lot of the city stayed intact during the world wars so Kraków Old Town is actually on UNESCO's world heritage list. I'm a sucker for history and old architecture so I think this would be a perfect tour for me.
Find the tour here.
Photography from EnjoyPolen
Guided tour in Auschwitz
I honestly think that this is a place everyone should visit in their lifetime. I haven't been there myself yet, but I can only imagine the emotions you have to get, walking around and seeing the place where more than 1,2 million people lost their lives to such unnecessary evil.
Photography from EnjoyPolen
River rafting along Dunajec
I have gone river rafting ones in Turkey and it was such an amazing experience that I would love to do again! Dunajec is a river in southern Poland and this rafting tour starts in Sromowce and ends in Szczawnica and for two hours you can just sit back and experience the beautiful nature passing by. 

Travel Throwback Thursday: Edinburgh 2017

I love looking back at the travels I've done, and thought about starting a new category called "Travel Throwback Thursday".
Who doesn't love a good alliteration, right?
Anyway. In November 2017, I traveled to Scotlands capital Edinburgh together with Helena de Ilenczfalva and stayed there for two days. Edinburgh has been on my bucket list forever since this is the place where J.K. Rowling lived when she wrote the books about Harry Potter, and as a true Potterhead I just had to go there. I was not disappointed!
We lived in one of the "closes" on The Royal Mile and pretty much walked everywhere in the city to see everything from Dean's Village, to the Castel, to Calton Hill - and we even climbed Arthur's Hill. Such an awesome trip that I'm pretty sure I'll come back to and write a lot about in the future, but until then, this is how it looked like:
Dugald Stewart Monument, probably one of the most photographed views of Edinburgh
The beautiful street Circus Lane
Climbing Arthur's Seat during sunset
 Bagpipe player in front of Edinburgh Castle
 Victoria Street or Diagon Alley? Nobody knows.
Our enormous suite (with three bedrooms) at Old Town Chambers
Dean Village right outside central Edinburgh was so cute
 Me and Helena at the top of Arthur's Seat

Rock Church - Helsinki, Finland

During my quick visit to Helsinki in the beginning of this week, I had a look at the famous Rock Church
- or Temppeliaukion kirkko as the Finnish calls it.
Opened in 1969, this church was built into solid rock, hence the nickname "Rock Church". It is one of Helsinki's most popular tourist attractions and there where a lot of people who wrote to me on Instagram before my trip telling me that I had to go there and I really understand why.
The architecture-nerd in me just loved the place. It does not scream religion (and I think that there where actually just one cross in the whole place?) and it feels more like a calm place to go when the world is too stressful than a place for prayer. There were a lot of people just sitting there with a book and I could totally see myself doing the same thing if I lived in Helsinki, it was just something special about the atmosphere. I can also imagine going to a concert at Rock Church, the acoustics have to be amazing with that round architecture with a copper roof.
My rating: 

Quick facts about Rock Church
Name: Temppeliaukion kirkko (Temple Square Church in English)
Opened: 1969
Visitors: Half a million annually
Entrance fee: 3€ (Free with Helsinki Card)
Location: Lutherinkatu 3, Helsinki
Opening hours: Differs, so make sure to keep updated before you go
 It is possible to "climb" the church from the back, but since it's built into the big rock, there is actually not so much to see from the outside. 
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